Great Oak Studio is an intimate music studio located next to the church of Rotselaar. It is built underground in these charming surroundings, so you can set off fulfilling your creative wishes without any limitation.

The story behind Great Oak Studio originates in the South of France. Founder Joris Longin writes most of his songs for his own project 'JORIS' in the garden of his holiday home. Underneath a beautiful towering oak tree. The first song he wrote there was called “The Great Oak”. And thus began Joris’ passion for writing, recording, and that one great oak.

When the creation of Great Oak Studio started to unfold, Joris and Steven opted for a one-room studio, where console, engineer, and musicians are in direct contact with one another. A conscious choice, because that way you can look someone in the eye, talk to them openly, and share the same vibe.
All in that one room.

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